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Ruta Burke

Greatest saxophone teacher my son ever had! His teaching style helps my son to be more confident in playing, and wanting to play. I was a music teacher and I know how hard it is to make a child WANT to pick up their instrument and practice without being reminded by a parent, but Donald looks forward to his lessons with Bennett, and never says, "I don't want to go, or can I skip it." I recommend this teacher highly to anyone who wants their children or themselves to play MUSIC.

Eugenia Tiano

Bennett is a wonderful clarinet teacher. This was Samantha's first experience of playing. Bennett has taught her so much. Her band teacher even told her "You're too good, I can't teach you anything. You should teach the class next time!" I recommend Bennett to anyone who wants to get involved in music.

Rachel Vasquez

My son is in his 6th year with Bennett. He started off with the Clarinet and later transitioned into the saxophone. I think back to the day I saw an ad and how I hesitated to make a call. Making that call was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Bennett is a remarkable teacher. He was incredibly patient with my son and quickly figured out the best ways to work with him. I admired so much the relationship that they built and I also became a student of his. Needless to say, he will be stuck with us for a long time! Lol

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