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Clarinet, Saxophone & Flute - Lessons  & Performance

Customer Testimonials

Ruta Burke

Greatest saxophone teacher my son ever had! His teaching style helps my son to be more confident in playing, and wanting to play. I was a music teacher and I know how hard it is to make a child WANT to pick up their instrument and practice without being reminded by a parent, but Donald looks forward to his lessons with Bennett, and never says, "I don't want to go, or can I skip it." I recommend this teacher highly to anyone who wants their children or themselves to play MUSIC.     

Eugenia Tiano
Bennett is a wonderful clarinet teacher. This was Samantha's first experience of playing. Bennett has taught her so much. Her band teacher even told her "You're too good, I can't teach you anything. You should teach the class next time!" I recommend Bennett to anyone who wants to get involved in music.